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The Ministry of Electronics and Information Security (MeitY) has approved the project entitled ‘Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) Project Phase-III’ towards human resources development for safe, trusted, and secure cyber space. The ISEA Program is aimed at:

  • Creating a robust training & certification mechanism for CISOs, Deputy CISOs, Associate team of CISOs/Aspirants

  • Grooming students towards products/solutions development through ideation & innovation activities

  • Advancing research & education in emerging/futuristic areas of Information Security

  • Building cyber-aware digital naagriks through mass awareness

These activities would be supported through common infrastructure & shared resources on cloud, enabled through ISEA Virtual Platform (IVP), to be designed as a common interface for various stakeholders/end-users

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Generating highly skilled & certified Cyber Security Professionals – CISOs

  • Creating a robust mechanism for training and certification of CISOs, Deputy CISOs, associated team of CISOs/Aspirants of Government and other sectors (MSMEs, etc.)

  • Programme envisaged
    • Training on 13 domains of knowledge and skilling grouped into core, essential and specialized domains
    • Domain specific curriculum & content
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Grooming students towards products and solutions development in cyber security

  • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students by nurturing developmental/entrepreneurial mindset of UG/PG students

  • Problem statements of national/academic relevance in cyber security would be collected, analysed, brainstormed and mapped to potential outcomes in terms of product/solutions, software, tools, applications, etc

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Strengthening research & education in Information Security

  • Enhance the capacity and capabilities for research and education in advanced & emerging areas of Information Security

  • The program is designed to focus on 10 (ten) thematic areas & related sub-areas namely (i) Computer & Network Security (ii) Mobile Device Security (iii) Software Security (incl. systems) (iv) Hardware Security (v) Security in Futuristic Technologies (AI/ML, AR/VR, etc.) (vi) Cryptography (vii) Security in Distributed Wireless Networks (IoT/CPS, 5G, etc.) (viii) Cyber Forensics (ix) Cyber Security (Operations, Services, Governance) & Privacy, and (x) Fintech Security (incl. Blockchain)

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Cyber Aware Digital Naagrik (Mass Awareness)

A unique cyber security awareness program providing a customized learning platform for different users to enhance cyber hygiene, cybersecurity, and privacy measures at the national level

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Cyber Aware Digital Naagrik

A unique cyber security awareness program providing a customized learning platform for different users to enhance cyber hygiene, cybersecurity, and privacy measures at the national level

Creation of mass awareness on various new aspects of Cyber Security for Digital Naagriks

Reinforce cyber hygiene, cyber security and privacy at the national level through various awareness activities at direct/indirect mode

Awareness program include

  • Progression Pathways
  • Multilingual Awareness
  • Mass Awareness
  • Promotion, Outreach
  • Interactive programs for Cyber Kid, Cyber Cadet, Cyber Women, Cyber Warrior/Defender, Cyber Trainer

  • User engagement activities, competition, quiz, etc.

  • Handbooks, posters, cartoons, videos, curricula resources, etc.

  • Translation of content in 10 Indian languages (besides English/Hindi)

  • Awareness workshops/webinars

  • Awareness weeks

  • Cyber clubs@schools

  • Doordarshan/All India Radio/Community radio programs

  • Content for educational TV channel (Digishala)

  • Outreach through print, electronic and prominent social media platforms

  • Mobile Apps (Cyber fitness/awareness apps)

  • Publications

  • Promotional activities

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Common Infrastructure & Shared Resources

  • The four verticals mentioned above would be supported by Common Infrastructure & Shared Resources to synergize and proliferate ISEA activities on a national scale.
  • This would include a common cloud-based infrastructure (ISEA-Cloud) with shared resources such as CPU/GPU clusters (hi-compute facility), centralized storage, sandboxing environment, repositories of database/datasets, IT-OT simulation platform, cyber security exercise platform, etc.
  • A common interface namely ‘ISEA Virtual Platform (IVP)’ would provide access to ISEA resources, content, courses, tools & virtual labs, etc. to various end-users/ stakeholders and also provide inter-connectivity to common infrastructure & shared resources through a gateway layer.
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2.65 lakh persons would be generated over a period of 5 years comprising highly skilled & certified Cyber Security Professionals including CISOs, Deputy CISOs, Associate team of CISOs/ Aspirants of the Government/other sectors (45,000 beneficiaries) and 2.2 lakh students (UG/PG level), research scholars, faculty, etc. would be trained in various formal/non-formal courses in the advance and emerging areas of Information Security and innovation activities. Besides this, more than 12 crore beneficiaries would be covered under the mass awareness component through various activities in direct/indirect mode.

Implementation Mechanism

The project would be implemented through 50 premier academic institutions (IITs/NITs), autonomous organizations of MeitY (C-DAC/NIELIT) and Technical Universities grouped into 10 logical clusters with 5 institutions as leads/co-leads as a hub in particular thematic area, supported by several spoke institutions to facilitate co-creation of knowledge, courses, tools, products/solutions, etc.

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