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What is CISO - An Overview

The ISEA Certified Information Security Officer(ISEA-CISO) program is a comprehensive and industry-standard-oriented certification program by the Government of India for professionals involved in cybersecurity implementation and management activities for any organization in India.

The ISEA-CISO training programs focus on the career paths of IT/ICT/OT/IoT/IIoT and other professionals in Government, Critical Industries, MSMEs and Academia, aiming to build their capacity and capability through specific role/job-related activities. These roles may include development,auditing,monitoring,controlling and accessing an organization's IT/ICS/OT/IoT/IIoT systems.

The ISEA-CISO CISA certification is recognized as a credential that validates the expertise of CISO/CTO/Deputies of CISO/CTO and the professionals under them. It enables them to apply their expertise in executing and reporting cybersecurity engagements. The certification of such professionals is acknowledged by CERT India, with the support of NIC through ISEA, which provides continues career support capacity-and-capability-building programs. Our certification-focused CISO/CTO training programs are designed to empower learners with all the necessary knowledge and skill techniques to excel in CISO career-based certifications.

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  •  Gain insights into cybersecurity and information systems management, covering the purpose, scope, objectives, and tasks of information systems management and operations.
  •  Formulate methodologies and approaches for creating, implementing, and maintaining effective systems policies, guidelines, and procedures for information security management and operations.
  •  Build knowledge and skills based on information system security policies and procedures, encompassing user access and rights management, system change control, backup, disaster recovery, and system testing in alignment with an organization’s business growth.
  •  Acquire knowledge of cybersecurity management control structures to assess and evaluate information systems implemented in an organization.
  •  Explore the principles and analysis of risk assessment and management based on digital/cyber and information assets.
  •  Acquire business and strategic considerations for information security management practices.
  •  Demonstrate optimal practices for ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery in business operations.
  •  Evaluate procedures for data protection and information security management.
  •  Excel in relevant expertise domains to support national interests.

ISEA-CISO career path training programme targeting the following certifications:
    Certified CISO / CTO:
  • To apply for the CISO certification, you need to have a minimum of five years of cumulative full-time work experience in two core domains and at least one specialized domain to attempt Certification. The certification programme would be tested for CISO/CTO certification on all core domains, essential domains, and one relevant specialized domain.
  • Certified Deputy CISO:
  • To apply for the Deputy CISO certification, you need to have a minimum of five years of cumulative full-time work experience in one core domain and at least one specialized domain to attempt Certification.
  • Certified Associate CISO:
  • To apply for the Associate CISO certification, you need to have a minimum of one year of full-time work experience in any one core domain. The certification would be conducted for associate CISO members on domain-wise and have to complete all core domains to achieve as an associate CISO certification.

The ISEA CISO Domain Training Programme offers flexibility through various modes such as online, physical, and virtual-led training. Registered users have the convenience to choose the mode that best suits their schedule and preferences.
  •  Each registered user is entitled to a total of 300 hours of knowledge and skill-based training across all recommended domains for CISO certification.
  •  The ISEA Virtual Portal (IVP) – CISO Online Program facilitates access to relevant course materials.
  •   Registered participants can engage in ISEA-CISO Instructor-Led Training Programs with domain experts on a weekly basis.
  •   The virtual lab environment provided through the IVP CISO-Online Portal allows participants to virtually access and reserve various cybersecurity exercises for practical exposure.
  •   ISEA-CISO Programme organizes 2-day or 3-day boot camps on CISO domains, providing registered participants with opportunities to practice case studies and exercises.
  •  To further enhance knowledge and skills in relevant domains, the ISEA-CISO team regularly conducts physical or virtual meetings as part of forum discussions. This collaborative approach aims to foster continuous learning and professional development among participants.

The ISEA CISO Assessment Programme provides comprehensive support to all registered users, offering the following assessments:
    Diagnostic Assessment:
  • Registered users can assess their knowledge and skills across all CISO program domains. This evaluation is based on their experience in relevant domain areas, helping them determine where to allocate more or less time in training/skill development.
  • Domain Assessment:
  • This assessment is exclusively available to individuals who have fulfilled the necessary training requirements in the respective domain of CIS.
  • Pre-Certification Assessment:
  • All registered users who have completed the entire training requirements, spanning all relevant domains, can utilize this facility. It serves as a preparatory step before attempting the final certification as CISO/CTO.
  • Certification:
  • Participants who have either directly registered for certification or have undergone the ISEA-CISO training program are eligible to take the final evaluation/examination. Successful completion leads to being certified or empanelled as a CISO by CERT India, a recognition endorsed by NSCS/NIC/NCIIPC through QCI.

  •  Chief Information Security Officer(CISO)
  •  Deputy CISO
  •  Nodal Information Security Officer
  •  Chief Technological Officer for Cyber Security
  •  Chief Information Officer
  • Associate Of CISO Team
  • - Director of Security
  • - IT Director/Manager
  • - Security Systems Engineer
  • - Security Analyst
  • - Security Manager
  • - Security Auditor
  • Additional Roles
  • - Security Architect
  • - Security Consultant
  • - Network Architect
  • - Systems Administrator
  • - Systems Manager
  • - Systems Development manager

CISA Training Calendar

S.No Domain Name Start Date End Date Training Mode Venue
1 ICS/OT Security 14 May,2024 18 May,2024 Physical CDAC, Hyderabad View Details
2 Telecom Security 28 May,2024 31 May,2024 Physical CDAC, Hyderabad View Details
3 ICS/OT Security(Batch-2) 18 June,2024 21 June,2024 Physical Cert-In, New Delhi View Details

The CISO Programme Endorsed by CERT and Recognised by NIC, STQC, NSCS

The content is compliant as per NCIIPC and QCI standards

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Our Core Committee Team and Supported Organizations

  • Sh. Sanjay Bahl, DG, CERT-IN (Chairman)
  • Dr. Arunabha Mukhopadhyay, Professor, IIM Lucknow
  • Sh. Alok B. Lall, National Security Officer, India & South Asia,Microsoft
  • Col. KPM Das, Cyber Security Trust Officer, CISCO
  • Sh. Vishal Kumar, Director (Cyber Education), Quick-heal Technologies
  • Sh. Pavan Kushwaha, CEO, Kratikal
  • Sh. V. K. Trivedi, Scientist F, STQC Directorate
  • Alok Tripathi, Director (Skilling), NIELIT Headquarters
  • Dr.Ch A S Murty, Scientist G, C-DAC Hyderabad (Member Convener)

Our Core Expertise and Master Trainers

  • Mrs.PR Lakshmi Easwari, Scientist G, C-DAC Hyderabad
  • Dr.Ch A S Murty, Scientist G, C-DAC Hyderabad
  • Sh.Mahesh Patil, Scientist G, C-DAC Hyderabad
  • Mrs.K Indraveni, Scientist E, C-DAC Hyderabad
  • Mrs.G Jyotsna, Scientist E, C-DAC Hyderabad
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