Cyber Aware Digital Naagrik

A unique cyber security awareness program providing a customized learning platform for different users to enhance cyber hygiene, cybersecurity, and privacy measures at the national level

Our Stakeholders

Focus Areas

Progression Pathways

Enhance knowledge by role based progression pathways


Cyber Kid certification

An online course on navigating the digital world safely


Cyber Cadet certification

Equipping teens with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital age


Cyber Aware Yuva certification

Empowering youth to master cybersecurity for a safer tomorrow


Cyber Aware Shikshak certification

Equipping Teachers with the Cyber Knowledge and Skills to thrive in the Digital World


Cyber Shakti certification

Empowering women with safe online practices in digital age


Cyber Aware Parent Certification

Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Digital World


Cyber Aware Varishth Naagrik Certification

Equip senior citizens with the cyber knowledge to stay safe online


Cyber Aware Officers certification

Empowering Government Officials with resilience in cyber security


Cyber Aware Pratinidhi certification

Empowering NGOs with the cyber knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital space


Cyber Aware Executive certification

Equip CSC operators with the cyber knowledge to stay safe online and safe environment


Cyber Aware Entrepreneur certification

Empowering MSMEs on safe online Practices in the Digital space

User Engagement

User Engagement Program in role-based learning is an initiative that allows participants to learn and understand cyber hygiene practices in simulated cyber scenarios


Cyber hygiene quizzes are the evaluation tools used to measure a person's self knowledge or understanding of the learning program


Provides opportunity for all of you to showcase your creativity, voice your thoughts, and stand a chance to shine on a national platform.

Cyber Clubs

Clubs will offer a unique platform to interact, learn, and grow together in the dynamic field of technology.


The implementation of recognition pathways such as awards and accolades, recognizing individual and school achievements at various levels.


Designed to help everyone understand the importance of cyber hygiene, no matter what language you speak. Our handbook covers the basics in simple, easy-to-understand language.


Module end assessments provide great opportunity to refresh and test your understanding of the material.

Mass Awareness

Proliferate Mass Awareness on Cyber Hygiene and Cyber Security

Awareness workshops/webinars

Cybersecurity awareness workshops/webinars serve as proactive measures to educate, empower, prepare individuals and organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of cyber threats

Awareness Week Programme

A comprehensive week-long awareness programs are proposed to create sustainable mass awareness among the masses in collaboration with State police department.

Social Media & Cyber Fitness App

Reach people through means like Social media platforms, cyber fit app, print, electronic etc is an effective way to disseminate information and educate the public on Cyber Hygiene.

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